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based on Carl Jung theory about shadow 

Magikdo system IS a pioneer research/study/work  by GM/scout Basketball -  with projects ON..sports/art/edu/business new ideas /TOURISM  = Biggest project IS the.think Family vacation   WITH  the..think sport court - A 4 parts court =A/TOURIST/2/EDU/3/ANTI BULLYING/4/PRO SPORT GUIDANCE for every age and fun program for  ALL FAMILY  =  Looking for A place/park/hotel act to GIVE/work some of this ideas OR to make them more..
.CREATIVITY ... giving.. A art skills / a basketball skills for ALL ages [ something who can make every family to..visit the same hotel/PLACE/PARK  ..
every year - and the..social media skills ]
C. G. Jung -  what s.png
C. G. Jung - 1 =τι ειναι.png
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GO1 3 4  tioutube.png
GO1 3 4  fac0 like.png
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think Family VacatiON
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