Christmas basketball GIFT for Municipalities -proposal by Zenon

....Christmas basketball GIFT - proposal by ZenonHello. . my name is zenon, I am general manager/sccouter basketball. .i prepare a pioneer scouting /mentoring system who CAN help the children OF the all world to HAVE dreams. .TO study… to HAVE critical thought… ONLY with one code in MY website . BASKETBALL is NOT ONLY SPORT.CAN GIVE TEAMWORK - SPEED OF THOUGHT-BODY-CHARACTER PERSONALITY GROWTH BODILY IS CERTAIN ADVANTAGES…….- I wonder how many children s they have these advantages in our season … sunk in the video games, facebook, bad-companies, cigarettes-drink ….act ….========================================================== my PROPOSAL is…NOW in feast s [and each festive days] TO be organised competitions basket with a lot of gifts……THE KIDS WILL be glad and… discover the sport who change they lives. =============================================================== [I am in your disposal for any help] . thanks [my CV online]. [LIKE = MAGIKDO-SYSTEM [pioneer scouting-mentoring system on sports,, new ideas] ......


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